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FOX News
Dec 5, 2013 11:00am PST
's relevant now is it uncle was in immigration court this week, threatened with deportation to kenya. he is now staying here, though, we're told. gotten asylum and is staying here. the question was, back in 2011, "the boston globe," when this came about as a case, asked the white house about the nature of the relation. the white house said there was no record of them two meeting. now they're saying, since details came out, they lived together briefly when the president was in massachusetts for law school, at harvard, university. they lived together for about three weeks at that time. many years ago. here's jay carney. >> what i can tell you, ed -- thank you for the question -- is that back when this arose, folks looked at the record, including the president's book, and there was no evidence they had met. there was -- and that was what was conveyed. nobody spoke to the president. when omar obama said the other day, and there were reports he said the other day, that president obama, back when he was law school student, stayed with him in kim bridge. i thought it was right to ask him, and t
FOX News
Dec 3, 2013 11:00am PST
will be doing health care reform. it is hard for him to do immigration reform or find success stories for every single day leading up to it. >> now headlines as we await the posting from the president. 7% rise. chrysler doing better with sales rising. but all that and not enough to help detroit's motor city and today a judge ruled that detroit is in fact eligible for bankruptcy. >> i know there are a lot of people that are upset and concerned about their futures. but they are now starting from square one. >> new developments in the death of cleveland kidnapper with the conclusion that he did in fact commit suicide in his cell debunking the theory that he was trying to kill himself while getting a sexual thrill. >> the submarine was able to travel one and a half times around the world without refueling. fox news alert four people killed while several cars came off the track on sunday. the train was going 82 miles-an-hour heading into a curve that was only 32 miles-an-hour. they believe the conduct ter was disteracted or may have fallen asleep heebehind the wheel. >> they may have told investigat
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2